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"Play classic game Sega Rally Championship on the PC."
indir.biz Editor: Sega Rally Championship in 1995, arcade racing game developed by AM5 [1] Sega Model 2 board. Then for the Sega Saturn AM3 () and by the port on the PC was. Sega Rally was the driver of different capabilities unique selling points (asphalt, gravel and mud included), with different friction properties change accordingly with the use of the tool surfaces.

Another interesting feature is its end at the end of a course where players who moved to the starting position through the next course, a "World Championship" mode, the three stages (Desert, forest and mountain) which you can enter. In this mode, until the end of the first track to reach the first position, so as a player in every possible way many opponent cars (while staying within the period to try to pass required), possible gains and lead over several tracks. If the player's first place at the end of the third round, they play the fourth secret circuit called "Lakeside" Saturn version (on this course, then can be played split screen time and more able to attack modes).

Are given in the game where two cars: Toyota Celica GT-Four and the Lancia Delta HF Integrale. In addition, a secret car, Lancia Stratos is. Completed in the first place if the extra track Lakeside Stratos has just unlocked, then in any of the game modes (championship, time attack and split-screen multiplayer) can be used. Arcade machines for credit from Ise insert, select "Championship" then highlight the car (but) you do not choose it, then select the vehicle brake pedal free run 1-2-3-4 brake pedal down through the gears. Codemasters Colin McRae Rally game first as a strong influence on var Sega Rally Year. Sega Rally Championship can now download free.

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